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Judgement Day:
6th November 2009
Judgement was handed down in the South Gauteng High Court...

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For the record: regarding SARRAL'S public statements on the web.
14th November 2009
SARRAL takes Royalty case to a "Higher level"...

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The Official transcript of the Judgement is now available
12th February 2010
You can download a PDF of the Judgement from the links page

Liquidator appointed to wind up SARRAL - your last chance to get royalties
19th February 2010
The court has ruled that the winding up of SARRAL is not suspended pending the appeal process, and a liquidator has been appointed. All composers who have claims must come forward immediately.

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SARRAL's accreditation as a collection society has been withdrawn.
31st August 2010.
CIPRO (Registrar of Companies) has by publication in the Government Gazette withdrawn Sarral's accreditation as a collecting society. Sarral is accordingly not permitted to collect Needletime Royalties.

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SARRAL fails to appeal

15th September 2010

SARRAL applied for leave to appeal the judgement against them and this was granted in February 2010. They asked for an extension to file the appeal papers, which was granted. On 17 August 2010, the extended deadline to file passed and went, with no indication that such appeal would ever materialise.

SARRAL's office closed.

2nd November 2010

SARRAL's office has been shut down at the end of October 2010. The liquidators continue their task of the final winding-up of the company.