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SARRAL wrote on their website on 11th November 2009
“….it is only fair that we put the facts across....

This was posted on the web five days after a High Court ruling to liquidate SARRAL. 

I am in complete agreement with this statement - the facts should be out there.
I trust this will serve to assist those who need to know the truth about SARRAL. 

This site tells the story of why a non-profit company which administered composers' royalties (trust monies) in South Africa was given a liquidation order on 6th November 2009.

SARRAL (South African Recording Rights Association Limited) was, for over 40 years, the company that administered Mechanical Rights in South Africa. Whenever a physical copy or recording of a musical work is made, a mechanical royalty is payable by the user.

I am a composer and was for a short time, a non-executive director of SARRAL. I took my case to the High court where I trusted that it would be judged on the objective facts of the case alone, without fear or favour or any prejudice. The objective facts were judged against the law and not on the basis of any subjective opinions.

Where possible and permissible, I shall  put up links to supporting documents. 

Colin Shapiro